Exploring caves 

The magic of caves!


Did time stand still? This was our feeling after we first came out of this cave. It seemed like we stepped out of another world. Do you dare to enter the dark cave? This trip can be done in different ways. I will tell you about my favorite.


We start the route along a beautiful canyon. If we are lucky we might encounter deer. We continue our way through the forest, stopping occasionally to take in the amazing views. It's quite a tough tour but we know what's waiting for us.


At one point we get off the main road and climb up. Some climbing and braving bushes but then you see it! A hole in the mountain. The ropes are already hanging in front of us to enter safely.

The adrenaline starts to flow a little and we get ready. The flashlights are handed out and we all put on our helmets. Here we go!

Through the narrow passage we descend, more and more and more becomes visible. WOW, how can this be barely visible from the outside?

We walk through the cave together and discover more and more. When we have processed all the impressions we continue our way back outside and climb back up.


If time permits, we can continue directly to the next location. Water shoes on and through the water into a second cave.


Please contact me for pricing and options. The times give an indication of the total day.

Price 60, -

Duration 6 - 8 hour

Level - medium