Follow the water 


On to the city of tomatoes. Every year this special village hosts the Tomato Festival ''Tomatina''. But we do not come for a tomato festival but for the beautiful nature that lies next to the village.


The route leads us along the river. First we go upstream and brave the mountain. Bam! there is our first highlight, a beautiful waterfall. Do we dive into the water here for a while? Or do we follow the water downstream. We pass hidden pools and have beautiful views.


At one point we see it, a 30-meter waterfall, WOW. We quickly walk down to get closer to it. Here we jump from the rocks under the waterfall into the water. Will you swim with me to get under the waterfall?

Tired and satisfied, we walk back to the bus. We drive a little further to enjoy a snack and a drink!


Please contact me for pricing and options. The times give an indication of the total day.

Price 65, -

Duration 5 - 6 hour

Level - medium