Nature is here 


Not 1, not 2 but 3 amazing places during this trip! We start our day at the top of a waterfall. Not just any waterfall, but the most beautiful one in the Valencia region. After we are done taking pictures from the top we go down. What will it look like from there?


We walk down a narrow path. Soon we see old buildings with trees growing through them. Nature is taking over!

After a short descent of about 30 minutes, we cross the water. We make our way through the reeds until we end up right in front of the waterfall.

Quickly enter the water and swim as close to it as possible or jump from the rocks into the water. Who doesn't want a picture with this waterfall in the background?


When everyone is ready we move on to our next spot. A typical Spanish village. It's a good thing you don't need a roll of film in your phone because even here you keep taking pictures. So now time for a drink?

To end the day, we drive to our last stop, another beautiful area. You can go swimming and enjoy the last spot, while I take care of the meal.


Please contact me for pricing and options. The times give an indication of the total day.

Price 60, -

Duration 6 - 8 hour

Level - easy