The chains 

This route is a real must do! This route is breathtaking, challenging and unique. You will hike up the chains "las Cadenas".


The first part of the hike goes up gradually and soon leads you past unique rock formations. In the second part of the tour you can show off your climbing skills. The views on this tour are breathtaking. You have a view of the entire region and you can enjoy the nature.

Then the adventure really begins... The various boulders get bigger and bigger and you encounter the first climbing section with the famous chains.


There are three climbing sections with chains. Once at the top, you may write your achievement in one of the booklets left behind. From the top you can see all the way to the sea, Sagunto and Valencia. It is a unique rock formation and makes you feel as if you are walking into a scene from the Lion King.


Please contact me for prices and possibilities. The times give an indication of the total day.

Price  65,- 

Duration 6 - 7 hour

Level - challenging