The power of water


We start our tour at a beautiful view point over the ''Embalse'' reservoir. After taking pictures we drive on to a typical small Spanish village. Mainly live in this village workers working for the reservoir.


From the village we start our tour. We are a little higher in the mountains so it can be quite cold in the morning. We walk directly in the middle of nature along a small river. For this we follow a small path that runs alongside it.


Soon we come to a beautiful waterfall. This is only the beginning.

We continue to follow the river along the path that runs alongside it. Until at some point we are ready for some cooling. Shall we continue through the river to get to places where almost no other people come?

The water shoes are handed out and here we go!


At our break spot you can slide down a natural slide into the water.

Once cooled down we set off again, further into nature. You will be amazed at what else we encounter.


Please contact me for pricing and options. The times give an indication of the total day.

Price 70, -

Duration 6 - 8 hour

Level - medium